Helping You Get Back to Living Pain Free

Welcome To Auclair Family Chiropractic

Located in Downtown Timmins

Central office, comfortable surroundings, wheelchair access with a large parking lot across the street.

Therapeutic Goals

We work with patients to set short and long term goals and evaluate progress at every visit.

Personalized Treatment

You will always receive a complete and individualized treatment plan.

Family Care

We treat patients of all ages, as young as days old, to seniors.

Our Treatments

We offer a variety of treatments to relieve pain and get you mobile and enjoying life again! Learn more.

Urgent Care

If you’re in critical pain, contact us immediately. Space is reserved in our schedule for emergency treatments.

For your convenience, we accept MVA and WSIB patients

Direct billing also available

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Proud to be the official chiropractor for the Timmins Rock Hockey Team!